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6200 Little River Turnpike
Alexandria, VA, 22312
United States

(703) 646-8979

We are more than a juice company, we keep you going on life's adventure. 

We are raw. We are cold-pressed. We source locally whenever possible and no two juices are alike.

With juices like Detox, Relax, and Energy, we make it easy to recharge your health.

Need a total health reboot? Let our 3-day cleanse reinvigorate you.


We are a boutique juice bar based in Alexandria, VA. We are dedicated to cold-pressing the world's healthiest produce and super foods into nutrient-dense elixirs for your consumption. We deliver 100% fresh, all-natural line juices and milks straight to your door. All our products are made from fresh ingredients, making for a tasty drink that is refreshing and nourishing.

  • many fresh cold-pressed juices and nut milks to choose from
  • change up your order to fit your diet
  • our juices are low in sugar and start at just 70 calories a serving
  • Ingredients are locally sourced from family owned farms.
  • Specialty produce that is fresher than the supermarket
  • Sustainably grown produce helps preserve soil and reduce erosion. 
  • Free local delivery
  • Choose a delivery day that best fits your schedule
  • Juices arrive in a refrigerated box so they stay fresh even if you’re not home when we deliver