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100% Juice. 100% Results.

It's a Feel Good Thing!

Shed Unhealthy Cravings

Whether you’ve just traveled, about to travel, been busy, overworked, or just plain lazy.. our juice cleanse will help you shake those munchies. Quit feeling guilty, this is your diet do-over.

Boost Mental Clarity

Your brain is 77% water. Our juices help you hydrate to clarity and boost your brain power with magnesium, folate, and essential B-vitamins. Think clearer, focus easier, and accomplish more.

Feel New Energy

Ditch Sluggish. With 15 pounds of fresh produce coarsing through you each day, get ready for a fresh you. We’re talking about waking up refreshed and ready to conquer your day, the entire day.

Results You'll Love

Lose weight? Sure. Our holistic juice cleanse program will help you keep that weight off. We've got you covered with pre-cleanse and post-cleanse tips to super-boost your cleanse results.

Juice Cleanse
for a Fresh Start

Shed cravings, pounds, and bad habits.

Our liquids-only program puts your digestive system on break, while restoring your natural vibrancy.

Choose from 3-, 5-, 7- day juice cleanses.

Juice Subscription
for Daily Boosts

Banish the dreadful salads and forgotten fruit days.

With a juice for every mood and occasion, our Juice Box will keep you happy and healthy.

Control your diet and choose only what you need.

Perks of Drinking Senzu

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