5 Tricks to Surviving Thanksgiving


4500 calories.


In one day.


That's how much the average person will consume on Thanksgiving.

3000 calories for dinner and 1500 throughout the day.

Yikes. I didn't realize I was being such an oink oink all these years.

(Sorry I've been practicing animal noises with my *almost* 2 yr old.)

Here's a quick food-to-exercise infographic I found:


Are you as shocked as I am?

Because it looks like I'll need to be on the Rocky Balboa training circuit after Thanksgiving.

There HAS to be some sort of shortcut or life hack for this.

You're probably thinking ok, obviously Herman's going to say juice, right?

Well that's one way to do it.

But how about avoiding that super guilty feeling while you're sprawled across the couch after dinner?

What would you do?

Let's try something proactive this year..

1. Don't go to dinner starving. You can still satisfy your tastebuds without binge eating. Have a veggie snack, a big cup of juice, or even water before you arrive. You won't get hangry if the host is running behind and you can enjoy the other folks at the dinner.

2. Eat veggies and proteins first. Skip those greasy, starchy appetizers. Lean protein like turkey fills you up faster and keeps you full longer. Munch on greens and leave those rolls and pies until the end.

3. Skip the seconds. It may seem like blasphemy, but you already picked out all the things you really wanted the first go around. The only thing you'd be missing out on is the indigestion.

4. Watch those intoxicating liquids. I'm talking about the sodas, mixers, and alcohol. With most cocktails sky high in sugar content, stick to wine, beer, or simpler 2 ingredient cocktails. Don't forget that water in between each drink. Your liver will thank you :)

5. Leftovers will haunt you for days. If your family is like mine, there will be plenty of left over food to pack. So remind yourself you'll see this food again. and again. and again. There's no need to cram it all down in one night.

Ok I'll check back in with everyone in a week to see how we did.

Do you have any tips to share? Hit Reply and let me know. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


If you need a post-holiday juice cleanse to get your eating back on track..