What If You Could Have the Best Detox Juice Cleanse By Just Drinking One Juice?

There's a secret you need to know.

You need to reboot your health, because..let's count the reasons..

..taco Tuesday, Papa Johns half priced pizza day, and that last Moscow Mule you never should’ve drank yesterday.

You know a detox juice cleanse works wonders, but you're busy.

And it takes sooo much willpower and time.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were something easier?

Like a shortcut..

Like something specifically designed to remove toxins from your body.

That would be super nice.

Ah, but there is

What is Activated Charcoal?

Before you gag, it's not the same as the charcoal you grill with.

You likely heard something about activated charcoal though. It was probably a thing your friend was given for treating that terrible case of alcohol or food poisoning.

Activated charcoal is a relatively new discovery in the health market. It was previously only linked to drugs and toxins as the ultimate destroyer of unwanted substances in our body

Made from coal, wood or other substances, charcoal becomes 'activated' when it is combined with gas or activating agents that expand its surface area.

This activated charcoal makes it highly active, neutralizing toxins it comes into contact with.

We source activated charcoal that is produced from coconut shells. Not only is it a great way to down cycle, it is a more effective charcoal than ones made from hardwood or other materials.

The best activated charcoal is produced from coconut shells

The best activated charcoal is produced from coconut shells

Our charcoal is steamed at super high temps to produce its toxin-bonding pores, aka activate it.

Lesser charcoals are activated with phosphoric acid at lower temps. 

Activated Charcoal is the new "it" thing

In case you didn't know, you can consume activated charcoal as a health supplement. 

In fact, there are even charcoal supplement pills you can purchase.

Activated charcoal is in a wide variety of beauty products, because it's so effective at binding to toxins, both inside and outside your body.

There are even DIY facemasks and teeth whitening how-to's out there.

It's got the backing of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow.

But why? How does this black stuff work?

The reason is simple. 

Activated charcoal works by trapping the toxins and chemicals in its millions of tiny pores - or when consumed, through the chemical process of adsorption happening in our body. 

Adsorption is when something get stuck to the surface of another thing. So when activated charcoal passes through your body, things like toxins will get stuck to it.

Activated charcoal has been the go-to choice for people who want to treat stomach pains and indigestion. 

Aside from its traditional use treating alcohol poisoning, activated charcoal has turned into a secret antidote known to help people overcome hangovers.

Charcoal Juices: A Delicious Way to Detox

You're ready for your detox juice cleanse. You've scoured the web for the best detox juice cleanse you can find.

But they are all expensive and require many days of commitment.

You're not sure if it's really right for you. Make sure you read this if you're serious about a detox juice cleanse.

With all this hype surrounding activated charcoal, we've got just the shortcut you're looking for.
Instead of slugging through three days of a detox juice cleanse, you can instead, do tune ups for your body.

That's right. It's exactly as it sounds- you can have your cake and eat it too.

Get this: activated charcoal juices. By adding activated charcoal to juice, you're getting the best of both worlds.

That's giving your body a boost and a detox, all in one.

Activated charcoal juices are a health trend because they cleanse the body from the inside from any toxins and chemicals.

The best part is, the activated charcoal has no taste. So there's no "burnt" taste or smoky flavor. It's completely tasteless and odorless.

And it has zero calories.

So here's your alternative detox juice cleanse: drink daily activated charcoal juices to clean your system out.

Now, there are a lot of different activated charcoal juices out there, but do they live up to the expectations of the modern consumer?

Cold Pressed Charcoal Juices Transform Your Life

We created two different drinks around activated charcoal, both aimed at giving you a serious tune up without the hassle or commitment of a full on detox juice cleanse.

Our goal is to create two very functionally healthy and effective juices. That means low sugar, high impact.

So we created natural cold pressed charcoal juices that you can drink along with your coffee, while riding your bike or just to refresh yourself after a long day. 

A Daily Green Juice

One is a daily green juice called Activated Greens. It's an easy to drink daily green juice that packs only 4 grams of sugar, but is chock full of greens. It's boosted with activated charcoal, to make a daily green tune up juice.

So if you're not eating enough veggies and want a detox, the Activated Greens daily green juice is a great way to squeeze both in without any of that detox juice cleanse stuff.

Activated Greens is an easy to drink green juice that packs only 4 grams of sugar, but is chock full of greens

Activated Greens is an easy to drink green juice that packs only 4 grams of sugar, but is chock full of greens

A Better Master Cleanse Drink

For those that are more into the master cleanse type drink, we created the Activated Lemon just for you. It's a body alkalizer to help your body rebalance after some questionable eating choices. 

The Activated Lemon will do wonders as a recovery drink..for you know..those late nights. Just know though, its 1 gram of sugar means this drink will tickle your salivary glands.

activated lemon is A Great body alkalizer to help your body rebalance after some questionable eating choices.

activated lemon is A Great body alkalizer to help your body rebalance after some questionable eating choices.

Juice will Restore You

The bottom line is that in today's modern world, we just can't get away with eating and drinking anything and everything. 

Our bodies need a change from the inside and a Senzu cold pressed charcoal juice is the best way to get you feeling energetic and light again.

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