Don't Make This Mistake on Your Next Juice Cleanse Delivery

Are you ready for a juice cleanse?

But can't quite understand how you'll be receiving your juices?

In a world of food delivery apps and instant gratification, the juice cleanse delivery options are often confusing.

You'll see lots of juice companies advertising on deal sites and google ads.

But many have delivery gotchas.

Have you see the ones with:

"If you order by 2pm CST, you'll receive your juices next week via unicorn express."

Or one that took a page out of the ole cable company playbook:

"Cleanse deliveries are 8am-12pm. If you miss your delivery, you'll be charged.."

We deliver lots of juice cleanses, so we kind of understand what's happening.

When you order a juice cleanse, it's always custom packed for you. (Well, we do anyway.)

Juices are heavy and fragile, but juice cleanse delivery is a challenge that most companies don't pay enough attention to.

It takes a well-designed packaging system to carry the juices safely to your home. Yes, it's a system, not just a box with juice in it.


What is safe? Technically, the FDA set storage temperature is 41 degrees for juice. 

If the packaging solution isn't designed (like the case with the weird disclaimers and delivery windows), you end up with a bunch of juice thrown haphazardly into a box.

Juices can be out of temp for a couple hours, but during that time, that's play time for bacteria. Think about that.

Let's geek out.

A cardboard box is rated at a fractional R-value, close to R-0.5 Yes, R-value just like insulation in a house. Without anything else to support that system, your juices are absorbing over 90% of the heat outside.

Ice packs are made from different material, but are designed to stay colder and for longer than water. A well designed packaging system will include enough ice packs, taking into account:

  1. the R-value of the system

  2. how much juice need to stay cold

  3. for how long

Yea, a lot of work goes into putting one of these systems together. Especially if you consider eco-friendliness, cost, and customer convenience.

What does that mean? Most companies just throw their hands up and put the responsibility on the customer to get the juice.

But do you want to spend $100+ on juices that have bounced around in a box (high oxidation!) AND arrive lukewarm (high nutrient loss)?

Don't order your cleanse until you know how you'll be receiving your juice.


We solved the juice cleanse delivery problem.

We want your juice cleanse experience to be worry-free and convenient.

So we spent weeks testing many eco friendly solutions, investigating insulation R values, ice packs properties, and proper ice-pack to juice load ratios.

The result is a juice cleanse delivery solution that will keep your juices cold until you can get to them.

We use a box + 3 different types of liners. For same day, we use a R-2 liner. For next day, we use a R-4 liner, and if it's super hot out, we'll use a R-6 liner. Compared to a plain box, that's up to a 1200% difference!

That's not a typo: your juices will be at the proper cold temperature until you get home and can put them in your refrigerator.

There are no delivery windows, so you're not wasting time waiting around.

We offer free juice delivery. We deliver super fast, just 2 days from when you order to juices on your doorstep. Sometimes, we can even do it in 1 day.

You've got enough to think about in your day-to-day routine. Don't get bogged down by the delivery of your next juice cleanse.

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