The 8 Easiest Ways to Improve Your Health this Year


We are creatures of habit.

But every year we try to break a few bad habits. (ironic habit right?)

Turns out, resolutions don’t stick and we often revert back to our old ways.

So for this year, let’s try something you’re familiar with.

This year, let's keep things simple and improve on the good you’ve already been doing.

Because a small upgrade here, a tweak there will suddenly get you living better than ever.

So here are the 8 easy tips to make this year your healthiest year yet.


Adding good fats to your diet can BOOST your metabolism and energy levels. I’m talking about fats from whole, unprocessed foods-not that fried stuff. Did you know fat helps you absorb fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K?

  • cold water fish: salmon, tuna, mackerel

  • nuts*: almonds, cashews, walnuts

  • seeds*: flax, chia

  • avocados*

  • olives and olive oil

  • tofu

* consider adding these into your smoothies


You don’t have to be vegetarian, vegan, or any dietary label at all. Just eat more plants - leafy green veggies, fruits, beans, grains are all good. It doesn’t need to be kale-this kale-that.

If you want to be brave, check out your local Asian grocery store and try each veggie once. Email if you want recipes. But it can be as simple as adding a new green juice or smoothie to your morning routine.


Did you know the most beneficial time to drink water is when you first wake up? Start your day (and your digestive system) off right with a glass of water in the AM. If you’re thirsty, go grab that water bottle.

Check this pee chart - if your pee looks too dark, drink more water. 


Most of us are desk potatoes these days. So this is much more about getting in frequent bursts of physical activity than working out. We spend so much of our day sitting that simply getting up for a 5 minute walk will improve your well-being.

So with all that water you’re drinking, turn those pee breaks into brisk strolls around your office or up/down a few flights of stairs. That improved circulation will get your blood flowing and maybe even give you that “aha!” moment you needed to polish off that deck.


It’s good to give your body some help now and again. We all go on trips, celebrate special moments, and feed our inner foodie. So keep it all balanced with intensely healthy eating too. Whether it’s a juice cleanse, elimination diet, or a fast, make sure to flood your body with all the good stuff too.


We talk a lot about cutting processed foods and sugars from our eating. But what about the outside of our body? Ditch the abrasive soaps and chemical lotions for natural products.

Did you know you can start making better consumer product choices that are safer for you and your family? Check your products here:


You don't have to be shy about this. Your bowel function reflects your diet. If you poop like clockwork, then double thumbs up to you. You’re eating well and likely have a healthy gut.

If you’re not, just know that prime time is within an hour of waking, so try then. You don’t want to keep those toxins plugged up. Just don’t get carried away playing Candy Crush (do people still play that?)

For the curious folks, check out page 16 for the Bristol Stool Chart (yes there's a chart of poop.)


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