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How To: The Best Way to Juice Cleanse

Get the Best Results from Your Juice Cleanse.

Want the easiest, most productive juice cleanse experience? We’ve got you covered. It doesn't matter if you're juicing with us or Do-It-Yourself style. Let's start with the basics.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

It's a period of time when you commit to only drinking your fruits and vegetables. That means you're not eating anything. Most people start with a 3 day juice cleanse to see really good results.

The idea is to give your digestive system a break while you flood your body with easily digestible, living nutrients.

You'll want to drink plenty of water, perhaps even more than usual during a cleanse. Water helps flush away all the "bad stuff" that's in your system, while keeping you well hydrated. Remember all the bad food you've eaten or drank? They're clogging up your intestines, your liver, your kidneys, even your veins.

PRO TIP: Drinking water keeps you feeling full on your cleanse. In fact, this is a good trick when you're eating meals too, because it helps fill you up, so you eat less. The easy rule of thumb is, drink eight (8 oz) cups of water each day MINIMUM!


Why Cleanse? Juice Cleanse Benefits

A cleanse will help you retrain your taste buds, kick your bad eating habits, and motivate you to eat better.

After a cleanse, most people experience:

  • A boost in mental clarity. Think clearer, focus easier, and accomplish more.

  • Clearer and softer skin, although your skin may initially break out from impurities leaving your body

  • Much better digestion. By giving your digestive system a break, you're giving your body a chance to deeply expel any toxins lingering around.

  • Much more energy. Wake up refreshed and ready to conquer your day.

Most people also report losing an average of 3 pounds of weight each day they're cleansing.

This is based on self-reported results from over 6,500 customers. Of course, your results depend on how healthy you are now: namely, your diet and exercise.

Should You Juice Cleanse?

You can think of a juice cleanse as starting a new chapter in your diet or getting your old diet back on track.


Consider a juice cleanse after binging on processed, greasy, or generally unhealthy foods


You want to get your eating routine back on track, especially after traveling.


Consider a juice cleanse if you spent last weekend a little too much like this guy


A juice cleanse is perfect for when you need to look your best

Use a juice cleanse to help pinpoint problematic foods in your diet

WARNING! Please don't cleanse if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a severe medical condition without first consulting your doctor.


Getting ready for your juice cleanse (How To: Pre juice cleanse)

You've spent over $100 to see real results. Are you going to at least read the directions?

Let's do some prep work. It's easy and virtually guarantees your sucess.

Decide if you're going to cut caffeine. If it's your first time cleansing, you should continue caffeine, but try to limit it. In the grand scheme of things, caffeine isn't going to break your cleanse, but lack of caffine could give you bad enough headaches that you give up early.

The better your diet is going into your cleanse, the better your results will be. So a couple days before you plan to cleanse:

  • Start drinking more water. You need at least 8 cups of water a day.

  • Cut down on your white breads, junk food, sugary and fried food

  • Cut back on meat focused meals

  • Eat more raw foods, like salads and fruits

  • Drink a juice to start your day

  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol

  • Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate! (yes, water is that important)

PRO TIP: Try to drink one to two cups of water with each meal.


How to juice cleanse

Here's what we include as part of our cleansing instructions. It's easy. Just drink a juice every 2-3 hours. Drink 16 ounces of water between each juice. Repeat until finished!

juice cleanse instructions card

What to expect during your cleanse

Day 1

If you're like me, you'll probably miss chewing on something. But hey, remember you're about to undo all those terrible meals you're still feeling guilty about. If you really get antsy though, nibble on some nuts, carrot sticks, or cucumber slices.

You might feel tired, have a headache, or even experience some dizziness. It's different for everyone, but what you feel is temporary as your body adjusts. Most of the time, drinking more water or juice will resolve these withdrawal symptoms.

If you've cut coffee or whatever your caffeine crutch is, you'll have headaches from the withdrawal. It will go away with time, but really depends on how much you were drinking in a day.

Your skin might break out as all of your impurities start bleeding through your pores. Don't worry, your skin will clear up clearer than ever before.

If you start vomiting or having severe diarrhea, stop your cleanse! This is rare. Something isn't right and you are reacting to the juice.

Day 2

You might feel hungry, but more energetic. You'll feel a lot more in rhythm with the process of drinking liquids throughout your day.

If you're feeling sluggish still, that's ok. It just means your body needs an extra day or two to come around.

Don't forget to drink those liquids, especially the water in between the juices.

Day 3

Many cleansers call this the last day. It's just long enough to get your body through the cleansing process. You'll feel like you can do this for many more days, but glad it's winding down.

You likely woke up this morning ready to go, maybe even before your alarm. When was the last time that happened?

You lost weight. You don't crave sugar and snacks much. Your hair feels softer. Your skin feels smoother.

You are relishing in a job well done.

And before you go celebrating..


After Your Juice Cleanse (How To: Post Cleanse)

Your post-cleanse diet is just as important. Your digestive system has been on break, so you don't want to shock it by shoving all sorts of random food into it.

For the next few days, ease back into eating with natural foods and liquids. This is super important!


Smoothies are a great way to ease back into eating solid foods. Aim for a smoothie breakfast your first day off your juice cleanse.


Your body has grown accustomed to fruits and veggies, so that's the kind of solid food you want to reintroduce first. Salads are good for lunch or dinner.


You can add heartier foods like broths and light soups. Stay away from the creamy stuff.


Add in rice and dairy over the next few days.


Add meat in last, preferring chicken and fish over red meats.

Don't forget! 

You're a pro juicer now, so put that experience to work. Add juice to any meal to keep boosting your diet with extra fruit and veggie nutrients.

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