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Juicing Tips: Composting 101

Do you juice a lot and end up with a bunch of fruit and vegetable scraps?

What can you do with these scraps you may ask?

What if I told you, you could recycle them into black gold?

It's done through a simple process known as composting.

Compost is an environmentally friendly fertilizer that is made up of decayed organic matter.

It is a great way to prevent easily convertible garbage from filling up our landfills and ultimately leading to an increase in global warming - something that we all need to help prevent! Composting allows soil microorganisms to break down food scraps into readily usable elements, such as carbon and nitrogen. These nutrients play a huge role in improving the overall health and appearance of plants.

How can you contribute to composting?

compost juice pulp and scraps

Composting can easily be done at home. Follow these steps and you can be well on your way to using your scraps for the benefit of your plants!

Pick a sunny, out of the way spot for your compost

Grab an old bin with a cover and punch air holes into it.

Place a layer of fruit and vegetable scraps in the bin. Then layer with dead leaves and twigs. Make sure there is a twice as much dead leaves and twigs for each layer of your scraps.

Repeat until you run out of material.

Add water to the pile until it can no longer be absorbed.

Cover and allow the compost to sit undisturbed.

Turn the pile every couple of weeks by mixing everything around.

fresh compost is great for growing your garden

After several weeks or even months, depending on the time of year, the pile will turn soil-like and black. Then, you will be able to spread it over your garden and use it as fertilizer for your plants! Your plants will thrive under the new nourishment.

Even better, you didn't have to spend big bucks on chemical fertilizers.

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