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Juicy News

Napa Cabbage vs Kale: Is There a New Veggie King?

There's a new competitor in town..

For years, kale has been king. It's the go-to veggie for green smoothies and juices everywhere.

Enter a new challenger: napa cabbage.

Napa cabbage belongs to the same esteemed family as brussels sprouts, kale, and broccoli. 

Along with celery and bok choy, napa cabbage is incredibly low in calories.

It easily fits into the zero calorie group of vegetables often advocated by dietitians.

Napa cabbage is nutritionally dense. 


Antioxidants: Napa cabbage is loaded with antioxidants, important nutrients that protect the body against free radicals, which are harmful byproducts produced by the body. Antioxidants can help neutralize free radicals and may protect against diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Folates: Napa cabbage is an excellent source of folic acid, one of the essential components of DNA. Sufficient amounts of folates in the diet in anticipant mothers may help prevent neurological diseases in the newborn babies.

Vitamin C: The cabbage is rich in vitamin C, which can help the body fight infection and can also inhibit inflammation and free radicals.

Vitamin K: Napa cabbage is rich in vitamin K, which can promote healthy, strong bones.

Low calories: Napa cabbage is extremely low in calories - one cup of raw shredded cabbage contains only 20 calories.


We all like bang-for-the-buck, so we can eat the best stuff.

The CDC took a look at 41 fruits and veggies and compared them.

They measured the bioavailability of 17 nutrients in 100g of each fruit or veggie.


.and the results?

Napa cabbage scored a 91.99 out of 100.

Kale scored 49.07.


Wow, the big leafy green did it. Napa is more nutritionally dense than kale. 

Time to load up on this cabbage, but how do we pick the very best one?


Look for napa cabbage with compact, tightly closed heads.

Leaves can be green or yellow, but avoid heads that are browning or have ragged, brown edges. The leaves should be crispy and strong, not soft and limp.

Napa cabbage stores really well in refrigeration, with humidity set to high.

So how are you going to eat this super nutritious veggie?


If juice is concentrated goodness, then napa juice must be the green elixir.

Napa is really light tasting and sweet by itself. In fact, it doesn't taste that green at all and it doesn't have any bitter aftertaste.

That makes it a prime candidate for juice because it's so drinkable alone.

Here's the recipe for one of our best-selling green juices. It tastes very light and refreshing, with a gentle hint of sweetness. 

It's one of the few green juices you can make without any citrus. So when you're thirsty, this is a great hydration juice that also boosts your energy.

This is our house recipe, so shhh trade secrets.. 

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