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The Fastest 3 Day Juice Detox Weight Loss Plan

You're dying to know..

As you put together your health strategy, you've come to the conclusion that a juice detox is just what you need.

In fact, you've heard that it's a really quick method for weight loss. 

Does it really work?

Every time you restart a weight loss plan you are asking your body to change what it is used to doing. The advantage of a 3 day juice detox weight loss plan is time.

A juice detox helps adjust your body to a healthier routine in just a few days.

That’s why we often suggest a juice detox to kick off your new diet or weight loss plan.

But this is for all you "get skinny quick" folks:

There is no "get skinny quick" secret. There is no magical juice, mushroom, dance, pill, or prayer that will make you drop 20 pounds overnight.

Now that we've weeded out the dreamers, what we do have, are shortcuts.

The diet plan that works

3 day juice detox weight loss plan

Starting a healthy routine means that you are breaking a bad one.

And it's HARD. We know.

The docs say if you stick to a new diet plan for two weeks you will start to feel results.

The problem is - most of us go all out the first couple days and burn out. We never make it through the first week before those yummy snacks weasel back in.

Here's your secret weapon, so that you successfully pull this diet plan off:

1.     Begin with a 3 day juice detox weight loss program.  Juice detoxes are great because help your system release toxins and rest. It allows your body to reboot and to start fresh, feeling better and more energized. Read about The Best Way to Juice Cleanse here.

Don't Dilly Dally. Juice Cleanse.

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2.     Keep it clean. Drink water. A lot of it. All of the time. Yes, even when you're not "dieting." Some say drink a gallon a day. We say, if you're not annoyed having to walk back and forth to the bathroom, you're not drinking enough.

Quit the fried stuff. Quit the sugar. No cheating.

Eat something fruity - apple maybe?

Definitely eat something green. Maybe two things.

3.     Keep it simple. Don't rush to the gym for an insane workout. Even walking 30 minutes a day at the proper heart rate will yield amazing results after a couple of weeks.

Stay in the "Health Improvement Zone" heart rate for at least 30 minutes. Anything that gets your heart rate up and keeps it there will work.

heart rate chart keep it simple


Whatever you do, don't go out and crush it at the gym for 2hrs, then become a potato for the next 6 days because you're sore. 

The real deal

So recap:

You want to lose weight.

You have a diet plan. We don't care if it's Atkins, Whole30, Intermittent Fasting, whatever.

You're ready to crush your diet because you now know a juice cleanse is a super effective way to prep your body.

In fact, after your 3 day juice detox, you'll very likely have lost some weight. Some have lost upwards of 20+ pounds, while some shed just a couple pounds. It varies because, frankly, they may have been way unhealthier than you to start.

Then you're going to add fruits and veggies to your daily diet.

You may opt to cheat and get on our Juice Box program, so you don't have to worry about having to physically eat those fruits and veggies.

You're going to cut out the greasy stuff and the sweet stuff.

Water is your best friend. Eat drink and sleep water. 

You promise to actually move your body around at least once a day for 30min. 

Thank us for helping you keep the only diet that's worked for you.

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