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The Most Common Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse Mistake and How You Can Avoid It

What is a Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse?

A cold pressed juice cleanse is an ALL LIQUID, raw fruit and veggie juice diet that you follow for a short time. 

There is no eating, so that means you're eliminating all solid food from your diet.

You'll be drinking lots of water and juices. The idea is the water washes away your body's toxins, while the juices are flooding your system with living nutrients.

You can either buy packaged cold pressed juice cleanses, make the cold pressed juices yourself or do a combination of the two.

Just Drink Juice for a Few Days.. Right?

I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant

— Alan Greenspan

"Drink this magical juice" said the internet..

But what do you know about the pre-cleanse and post-cleanse routines?

You did get all the cleanse facts from your juice provider, right?

Because, unfortunately, too many juice companies are more than happy to sell cleanse after cleanse without enough information.

When we sell you a cold pressed juice cleanse, we want you to be successful.

That means more than just losing a few quick pounds

We want you to thrive through your cleanse and long afterwards.

We even made a guide on The Best Way to Juice Cleanse.

Beyond the Weight Loss

juice cleanse weight loss mistake


A big mistake that people make is focusing on the weight loss..

..Because they forget about all the other more important benefits from juice cleansing.

Yes, you’ll lose weight on your juice cleanse - probably 3-10 pounds depending on how much you had to lose.

Pounds are easy to lose. The hard part is keeping them off.

During a cold pressed juice cleanse, you're consuming 1200 to 1800 calories. The reality is, this is a lot fewer calories than the typical diet, so most people will lose weight during a cleanse. 

But what are all the other perks you’re getting from a juice cleanse?

If you want to be healthier, then a cold pressed juice cleanse will be your most helpful tool

This is the Cleanse Mistake No One Warned You About..

What you eat coming off a cleanse is the most important.

So many first-time cleansers will celebrate their cleanse by binge eating a ton of (really crappy processed) food.

If you binge eat after, you basically undid all of your cleanse gains.

Seriously. Go here to read about what to do post-cleanse.



Once you finish your juice cleanse, you’ll be so excited to keep your results.

You'll have committed days to boosting your body with nutrient-packed elixirs.

You won't be snacking on soda, chips, candies, or whatever your crummy habit was. 

You will have wiped your eating board completely clean. 

A cold pressed juice cleanse resets your diet.

You'll feel lighter, cleaner, and generally brighter.

A juice cleanse helps you lose weight and keep it lost.

Now go cleanse like a pro and impress everyone.

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