Celery Cleanse

activated greens celery juice cleanse
activated greens celery juice information
activated greens celery juice cleanse
activated greens celery juice information

Celery Cleanse

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Improve your energy. Rebalance your body chemistry. Ditch the acid and inflammation.

Help protect your liver, kidneys, and thyroid with celery juice.

Wait there’s more.

Our celery juice is infused with a bonus detox: activated charcoal. Our coconut shell based activated charcoal bonds to toxins throughout your body. Hey, we like to set our celery juice bar high.

Bonus: Each bottle only contains just 4 grams of natural sugar (from the tiny bit of apple we use).

What you’re getting:

Each bottle is 10 ounces of cold-pressed, locally sourced pure juice. It is our best selling green juice.

You get 1 bottle per day you order, so a 21 day cleanse would include 21 bottles of juice.

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You’ve heard the hype.

There’s a new juice cleanse in town.

It’s all about that celery juice.

We know, because we’ve been screaming about celery for the last 5 years.

So how is celery actually going to help you?

According to researchers and we’ll just quote:

“Celery, because of compounds such as caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, apigenin, luteolin, tannin, saponin, and kaempferol, has powerful antioxidant characteristics, to remove free radicals.” [1]

That means you’ll see benefits like: more energy, clearer skin, and improved pH balance (no more acid reflux)..


If you want the FULL celery juice benefits breakdown, we’ve got you covered:

By the way, our Activated Greens is the mega celery juice you can’t get anywhere else.

Because it’s celery juice boosted with activated charcoal.


Drink 1 bottle every morning before eating. (Literally, before you eat anything.)

It’s that easy.

Ok, enough chatter. Get your celery cleanse!

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