Daily Detox Box

What is it?

To keeping it real, this Box is all about detoxing your system with low calorie, daily drinks that tip the scales in your favor. So enjoy your night out, ditch the meal plans, cheat days, and diet fads. This Box is for those that like to keep things simple..like a daily detox that suits your life.

The activated charcoal in our drinks absorbs thousands of times its own volume in toxins and it's great for your digestive system. The Activated Greens picks you up and gets your day started right. Our Activated Lemon cleanses your system and helps alkalize your body from a hard day's work.

5x Activated Greens
4x Activated Lemon

How Does it Work?

For best results, drink 1 bottle of Activated Greens during the day. Drink 1 bottle of Activated Lemon a couple hours before bed (our functional ingredients work best on a full stomach). This is a 1 week supply.

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