You know people think we're silly, right?

To many, a three day juice cleanse is a joke.

It's not real science. It can't help you. It's not a tool for improving your lifestyle.

It's a sham, a hobby, a trend that'll surely fizzle out.

You're warned against it - that it's entirely bad for you.

Because it's something so different from traditional wisdom, it couldn't possibly work.


Are you willing to miss out on something that could help you?

We were curious what people were doing across the country; so we checked out the most shared three day juice cleanse stories on the web.

We found one shocking truth.

Juice skeptics had to try a cleanse, despite what they thought.

..And they walked away impressed.

Well, mostly.

Let's see what happened with them.

Here are the top 6 most shared three day juice cleanse stories at the time of this post.

1. After trying a $192 juice cleanse for 3 days, I get why people pay so much for juice

Jessica wanted to try a juice cleanse and see if she could recreate it herself for cheaper. She really liked her store bought juices, but realized that for her, it's much more worth it to buy her juices than try to make them herself.

Jessica's Experience:

I'm big on new diets and food trends, and I wasn't trying to lose weight. I wanted to give my body a break from all the processed foods, alcohol, and sweets I consume regularly.

But after a week of dragging my feet, meaning to buy ingredients but never quite getting around to it, I understand: The price for convenience is steep ... but for many people, it's worth it.

Our take:

We agree with Jessica - absolutely juice yourself if you can. But what's important to your health kick is routine and consistency. Your local juice company is a great place to keep you on track and eating healthy.


2. Are detox diets good for you?

After laying out his arguments against juice cleansing, a dietitian and his wife decided to try a three day juice cleanse. They had a rough time and ended up concluding they don't "need a magical juice cleanse."

Ryan's Experience:

When you’re on a juice cleanse, the nutrients are so accessible that you burn significantly fewer calories via digestion.

Maybe we’ll eventually discover that there’s something really powerful and health-promoting about drinking juice extracted from pounds and pounds of fresh produce, but right now, we just don’t know.

Detoxing doesn’t appear to be a route to a healthy lifestyle. Instead, most people detox for a few days and then want to go back to their normal way of living.

Our take:

Ryan shows us that cleansing can be rough. We think it had a lot to do with the quality of their cleanse provider, but we agree that a cleanse is not magical.

But! It's a super effective tool to help you commit to getting your health on track.

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3. Coming clean: The truth behind my 3-day juice cleanse

Laura heard all the juice cleanse excitement and decided to do her own research. She took a trip to her local juice shop for a 3 day juice cleanse (more of a hybrid juice + salad cleanse). 

Laura's Experience:

I think juicing is beneficial as I feel better on the inside and needed to hit the refresh button. However, I probably wouldn’t partake in a 3-day cleanse, but would rather choose to incorporate juice into my diet every so often or add more vegetables.

Our take:

Yay Laura finished! She had a bit of a rough time, but mostly because she was sold a crummy "cleanse." Her juices weren't even cold pressed! She basically drank dead plant water. Always check that your juice cleanse juices are cold pressed.

Her juices were dead because they were made out of a centrifugal juicer. By the time she finished her first juice, the remaining juices already lost most of their nutrition.

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4. What happened when I did a 3-day juice cleanse: 5 surprising results.

Kristen wanted to break her bad eating habits, so she tried a three day juice cleanse from her local juice shop.

Kristen's experience:

1. I felt hungry. But mostly because I didn’t plan ahead.
2. I stopped drinking coffee. For good.
3. I learned a ton about my eating habits
4. I had more energy.
5. I lost 10 lbs. And kept it off. Mostly.

Our take:

Kristen had almost the textbook three day juice cleanse experience. She started with good reasons, got through the cleanse well, and followed through with a healthier lifestyle.

It's a classic juice cleanse success story.


5. How Did Our Food Blogger Fare On A 3-Day Food And Juice Cleanse?

Liz gives a thorough day-by-day account of her hybrid cleanse of juice and food.

Liz's experience:

I got more and better quality sleep, I lost two pounds and I felt good knowing I was treating my body to the most natural, healthy fuel available. I did feel a little hungry and had urges to eat full hot meals of food, but that is to be expected with any dietary change that reduces calories and cuts out food groups

While I always try to eat plenty of vegetables, fruit and whole grains, the cleanse helped me realize my portions are usually larger than they need to be and it reminded me of the usefulness of spices and herbs to add flavor to meals without adding sugar and fat.

Our take: 

Liz did a great job through her cleanse, though we're still on the fence about these hybrid cleanses (with food). She was eating pretty health to start, but she still benefited with better sleep, more energy, and learned more about portion control.




Andy has a few food intolerances, so she needs to watch what she eats. But she recently traveled and had to eat many of the foods she's intolerant to. She wanted to cleanse to help her upset stomach heal and return to normal.

Andy's experience:

It's very important that you do it [juice cleanse] the right way, so you don’t starve your body not giving it enough vitamins and energy so I would suggest doing it with a company that are specialized in cleanses.

If you want to do this, make sure you do it for the right reasons, for well being and health, not weight loss, that is not the goal of this. Some of you might be wondering if I lost any weight and the answer is I don’t think so.

Our take:

We are so super happy for Andy. Not because she finished a three day juice cleanse, but because she said, "do it for the right reasons."

Andy unknowingly avoided The Most Common Cleanse Mistake.

She wanted to be healthier, not just lose a few pounds. With that positive mindset, she achieved amazing results and wants to cleanse regularly now. 


What we learned: a juice cleanse is personal

So to all the skeptics and on-the-fence folks out there, we showed you the good, the bad, and the ugly of juice. It's not for everyone and might not be for you.

But you can't argue with experience.

A juice cleanse can work for you. It can work amazingly well to boost your energy, break your bad habits, reduce your inflammation, and get you feeling really great about yourself.

So what are you waiting for..?

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