There's an Easy Way to EAT Your 3 Best Natural Anti-Inflammatory Foods

If you're sick of the pills and the inflammation flareups, this is how you start feeling "normal" again.

pills, diets, and pain are debilitating

How many people do you know that constantly dream about getting healthier, but don’t do anything to make it happen? Maybe you were that person. They wonder why they feel pain all the time… why they’re always tired… and tell themselves that “next month” is when they’re finally going to get healthy…

I want to congratulate you, because you’ve just taken the all-important first step towards a healthier life. I’m talking about a step that most people will never take. Because a lot of people believe that they can only get healthy if they hire a trainer... spend hours in the gym every day… and give up all the foods they love…


But here’s something that may surprise you…

The fact of the matter is that what you eat is FAR MORE important for your health than how much you exercise! 

Most Americans lead busy lives and they wind up eating too much processed food and not enough fruits and veggies. The processed food certainly isn’t great for you, but the bigger problem is the lack of fruits and veggies.

Has a doctor ever told you to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables? Or to fill your plate with a lot of different colors?

It’s because fruits and veggies are loaded with a wide variety of vital micronutrients that are absolutely essential for helping all the systems of your body run well. 

They ensure your brain, heart, kidneys, liver, lungs central nervous system, bone density, joints, and ligaments—pretty much everything—each have the vital resources they need to operate at full capacity.

Many people fill their bodies with pills, daily vitamins, and other supplements hoping to be healthy. In fact, Americans now spend over $17 billion a year on supplements.

Strangely enough, the rates of some forms of chronic disease have not changed, while the rates of others have actually increased!


I’m guessing that’s no surprise to you. You’re probably familiar with the idea that whole foods are better for you than refined foods and synthesized “nutrients.” 

Have you ever taken a daily vitamin that turned your pee a neon yellow color? That coloring is from the nutrients passing straight through your system because your body wasn’t able to absorb them.


The best source of pain-reducing micronutrients


If you've done your research, you know that compounds like bromelain and curcumin are closely studied and shown to help reduce inflammation.

You may even have seen the pills.

But did you know these powerful compounds are naturally occurring in pineapple and turmeric?

The best source of micronutrients is always from whole organic food: fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins that were grown without pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and other harmful chemicals.

Ok you love the idea of eating pineapple, but you and I both know that life often gets in the way. 

How many times have you bought a head of broccoli and a bag of carrots only to watch them rot in your fridge and then ultimately land in the garbage?

Plus, it's tough to pick out that perfectly ripe pineapple every time. Let's not even get started on turmeric.

That’s why I started juicing.

There's a shortcut. This is the pill hack you came here to find.

Drink natural anti-inflammatory JUICE. 

The fastest way to see natural results in DAYS is to eat an overwhelming amount of the good stuff.

Each raw juice contains way more of the good stuff than you can physically eat in a day.

Here’s the best part:

Juicing works because it’s simply an easier way to eat your fruits and veggies

Your goal is to get more anti-inflammatory, plant based foods into your body! You choose how. Most of us are on the go or too busy to chow down the fruits and veggies we should be eating.

As an example, you can cram in one whole pineapple's worth of juice into a large cup. Can you eat a whole pineapple in a sitting? How about eating a pineapple a day? Drinking your pineapple is the easiest way to ingest that powerful bromelain anti-inflammatory.

the best inflammation fighter is nature

The simplest way to get started is to juice each morning and drink a cup to start your day. That way, you bank some nutrients early in the day. So, if you get busy later on, you'll have already got some of the good stuff in you.

That’s where my company, Senzu Juicery, can step in and help. You see…

We’ve spent thousands of hours at farmers markets field testing recipes, and now they’re available via the mail. You won’t need to bring home basket loads of vegetables from the store every week because a Juice Box will just show up at your doorstep.

I started Senzu to solve one problem. I wanted an easy, effortless way to juice for health. So that's exactly what we do best.

We make it super easy for you to get the juice your body craves. 

We've already put in all the hard work, field-testing recipes over thousands of hours selling at farmers markets. 

We do the heavy lifting, using our market network to source the freshest local produce from family run farms. 

We feed the veggie crushers and our juice elves pack your Juice Boxes. 

All you have to do is pick your Box online and start healing your body with the colors of the sun every week. 

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