It's time to cut off your arm and part of your leg.

How else are you going to pay for your healthy juice cleanse?

Just kidding!

But given the costs of real food: fruits and vegetables, ingredients aren't cheap. (Mac and cheese does not count as "real".. not to us!)

You also don't want the cheapest fruits and veggies.

You're about to nourish and heal your body with some of the most nutritious stuff on earth.

Going with locally grown, fresher ingredients will maximize the goodness you'll feel from your healthy juice cleanse.

If you haven't done so already, read our guide on how and when to cleanse. It's important to get the best bang for your buck.

Also don't miss out on the most common juice cleanse mistake people make. It could cost you hundreds of dollars without getting anything in return.

How much do healthy juice cleanse cost in DC?

One huge advantage of buying your cleanse is that your juices are made with the best machines around.

That way, you'll benefit from more nutritious juice and you'll sleep soundly at night knowing those machines also extracted the most nutrition out of each piece of produce.

Go here to see what the differences between some popular machines are. You want to make sure your healthy juice cleanse comes off one of the cold-pressed juicers.

In DC, people are increasingly busy and most of us value our free time..a lot. But we are also really health conscious and care about what we put into our bodies.

There are several factors that you should consider before buying a juice cleanse.

What's the juice cleanse made of?

There's generally a one-size-fits all approach to cleansing, because the idea is straightforward: you drink juice for x number of days.

But there's a lot of thought and design behind the best juice cleanses.

A balanced and healthy juice cleanse will keep you full, healthy, and energized.

A good cleanse isn't just a bunch of juices thrown together. There's a method to the madness: ever notice how the juices are numbered?

That's because the order you drink them in matters.

For example, you wouldn't want to end your day on a sugary fruit juice. Instead, you want something that keeps you full as you head to bed.

We like sneaking in a nut-milk as the last drink, so you get a good dose of protein, fat (the good kind of course!). You can even warm it up and dream of the days you went to bed with a glass of warm milk.

Each juice should consist of a good variety of fruits and veggies that serve a cohesive purpose. For example, lemon works well with dark greens, to help reduce the need for fruit to mask the bitter tastes. So, you end up with a healthier green juice.

Not all companies will spend the time and resources to produce properly balanced juices.

If they can't produce good juices, then cobbling them together as a juice cleanse just creates horrible cleanse experiences.

So in many cases, you get what you pay for.

The low end of juice will have obviously unbalanced flavors bottled in thin plastic. You can spot the unbalance by picking up the green juices and seeing if the majority of them start with green vegetables as the listed ingredients.

The luxury end of juice will be certified organic by the USDA (look for the seal) and bottle their juice in glassware. Don't be fooled by the folks who claim organic, but don't get the certification.

Making the decision to start a healthy juice cleanse

A juice cleanse isn't nearly as permanent as a tattoo, but it's not cheap and makes a lasting impression on your about fruits and veggies.

Here at Senzu, we made the choice to strike a balance between value and ingredients. Our ingredients are mostly conventional, but we heavily emphasize local sourcing.

That way, we're always getting the freshest ingredients. Fresh ingredients make tastier and more nutritious juice!

We're not the Rolls Royce of juice, because we feel that juice should be accessible to everyone. But we're not about to cut corners juicing rejected produce to save a few bucks.

Our healthy juice cleanses are well balanced across three levels of intensity. We want you to feel amazing as you progress towards green juice.

Because everyone has to start somewhere!

So when you're ready to make your decision on your next healthy juice cleanse, make sure you consider everything we talked about in this article, so you know what you're paying for.

As a recap:

  • How is the juice produced? Is it cold-pressed?

  • What are the nutrition facts for the juices? Are they published on the bottle?

  • Check the ingredient list to make sure fruit juice isn't masquerading as a healthy green juice.

  • Does the juice company provide good pre- and post-cleanse instructions?

At the end of the day, you're paying for a successful and happy experience. The juice cleanse pricing is often competitive, so make sure you've got these intangibles working for you!

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