Testimonial 8

I juiced for 30 days straight last year, and while I've never felt better during that time, it was a pain to make fresh between the supplies and the time it takes to prepare everything. I am extremely busy of late, and my health is now very poor, so a convenient equivalent that can get me back on track is something that I am very excited to explore. Plus when the founder personally answers your questions in the customer service chat, you know that he cares.

 Carlos from Virginia

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Testimonial 7

I signed up because of your delicious look juices & the fact you have a delivery service. I was looking for a company that can deliver the juices outside of their local state which I really needed for a friend that has a health challenge. She received her juice box today & was very pleased with the freshness of your products. Great job on the delivery & she was very happy with the taste of the products.

 Thank you for your help, the products & the excellent service.


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Testimonial 3

My family and I tried Senzu juices at the Mosaic District farmers market last weekend. We liked them so much. I signed up because I am training for my first Ironman triathlon in September in Chattanooga, TN. I will swim 2.4 miles, bike 116 miles, and run 26.2 miles in under 17 hours. Being a busy working mom, Senzu juices will help me keep up my calorie intake conveniently and in a healthy way with fruits and veggies while on the go. 

 Leilani from Virginia

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