A Cleanse Isn't Just about Losing Weight..

A cleanse will help you kick your bad habits, motivate you to eat better, and make you feel years younger. 

We've designed 3 different levels of cleanses for you. Each day, you'll drink 6 bottles of our 16 ounce juices. You'll alternate a bottle of water in between each juice. The idea is to flush your system with water and replenish with the living nutrients from each juice.

The goal of a cleanse is to get a lot more greens flowing through your body, because greens are full of the disease-fighting, energy boosting micronutrients we need more of. You'll see more and more bottles of greens as you go from our "beginner" to our "advanced" cleanse. We're all at different points in our health, so pick the most advanced level you can finish.

Next, you pick the number of days to cleanse for. If you've never cleansed with us before, a 1 day might be a good option to try. A 3 day cleanse is a common duration, since it is a "quick reboot," but will let you experience most of the cleansing benefits. If you're a pro or you're trying to undo many years of bad habits, doing a longer cleanse will help you the most. Just remember, pick the duration you think you can finish.

Beginner Cleanse

It’s a gentle introduction for those first-time cleansers. It goes down easy, but is still alkalizing and nutrient rich. This cleanse allows your body to reboot and start to lose all those unhealthy cravings. This is a great way to get started as you move up to other levels of cleanses.

Intermediate Cleanse

Our most popular and balanced cleanse. This is great for those committed to a clean lifestyle, but not quite ready to go all the way. By adding green juices, the cleanse intensity increases, but so will your energy.

This cleanse includes six 16 oz drinks:

Advanced Cleanse

The Advanced Cleanse is perfect for the cleanse master who wants an even deeper detox. This cleanse leaves you with an amazing feeling of health and vibrancy, achieved through a focus on organ detox, metabolic boost, and anti-inflammatory agents.

This cleanse includes six 16 oz drinks:



Absolutely! A one day cleanse is a good starting point and a way to experience the benefits of cleansing. In the transition from your regular diet to a healthier lifestyle (cold pressed juice and cleansing), a one day cleanse will get your body acclimated to juices, lots more water, and an explosion of raw nutrients. When you're ready for more, try a 3 day cleanse for a much deeper reboot and detox.


Weight loss isn't the goal of a cleanse. However, most people will lose weight during a cleanse, depending on how healthy your pre-cleanse diet had been. Some people who are transitioning from a highly processed and low nutrient diet may lose a pound a day, while those who are thin and eat plenty of nutrient-rich foods may not lose any weight. The true focus of a cleanse is to reboot your body into wanting healthier foods while increasing energy and vitality.


How you feel totally depends on your pre-cleanse level of nutrition and lifestyle. While some people feel alert and energized from their cleanse, others feel more lethargic than usual.  You may find it easier to stay busy, or prefer to take this time to rest.  Listen to your body. Drinking your body weight in ounces of water daily will help to flush out toxins, keep you hydrated and minimize withdrawal symptoms.


Please consult your physician before embarking on any drastic lifestyle or diet changes.

During your Cleanse

Are you ready for your metabolic makeover? You are about to deliver pure living nutrients straight to your body, energizing and alkalizing your system back into a balanced state.

Remember, our product should always be kept refrigerated. If you are taking juice on the go, please keep them cool.

If you prefer to begin your day with a hot drink, it is best to have a cup of herbal tea or warm water with lemon. If you’re a new cleanser, it’s ok to cheat a little and have that coffee (but next time, try without for maximum benefit!)

Start with your first juice when you would normally have breakfast. Have each juice about two to three hours apart to ensure you flood your body with rich nutrition throughout the day. We recommend following the numbers on the juice caps.

Drink at least 16 oz. of water in between each juice. Our juice bottles are 16 oz, so please reuse them for water. Water is crucial during your cleanse as it flushes your organs and blood stream of toxins. Juices immerse you body with live nutrients, encouraging your cells to release toxins and allowing the water to carry them away.


Hydrate.  Drink at least SIX, 16 oz glasses of water during each day of your cleanse. Your body will thank you!

Eliminate.  If you’re having trouble eliminating during your cleanse, try helping things along with a relaxing warm bath. Enjoying an herbal laxative tea may help too.

Exercise.  We suggest easing up on your usual workout routine, but it’s important to keep your lymphatic and circulatory systems active. We recommend light cardio, yoga, and deep breathing.

Hungry?  Don’t give up! Do your best to stick to the program. Your body is working hard to reboot your health, so if you must eat, try a
couple slices of cucumber, apple, or a handful of raw nuts. If you’re craving something savory, boil a simple veggie broth.

After your Cleanse.  Yay! You made it! Now that you’ve revamped your system, let’s stay on track and maximize the cleanse’s effectiveness. The first day after, drink juices and smoothies, eat soups, and consume lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Take it slow and gradually ease into eating solid foods over the course of the next few days.

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