3 Levels of Cleanse

Whether you're new or a seasoned vet, we have a juice cleanse for you.

Pick Your Cleanse Length

1- 3- 5- 7- Day Cleanses (or even longer!)

A Full Feeling Cleanse

Six daily 16 oz juices help fulfill you while banishing your inner hangry.

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Shed Unhealthy Cravings

Whether you’ve just traveled, about to travel, been busy, overworked, or just plain lazy.. our juice cleanse will help you shake those munchies. Quit feeling guilty, this is your diet do-over.

Boost Mental Clarity

Your brain is 77% water. Our juices help you hydrate to clarity and boost your brain power with magnesium, folate, and essential B-vitamins.

Results You'll Love

Lose weight? Sure. Our holistic juice cleanse program will help you keep that weight off. We've got you covered with pre-cleanse and post-cleanse tips to super-boost your cleanse results.

Feel New Energy

Ditch Sluggish. With 15 pounds of fresh produce coarsing through you each day, get ready for a fresh you. We’re talking about waking up refreshed and ready to conquer your day, the entire day.


Beginner Cleanse

It’s a gentle introduction for those first-time cleansers. It goes down easy, but is still alkalizing and nutrient rich. This cleanse allows your body to reboot and start to lose all those unhealthy cravings. This is a great way to get started as you move up to other levels of cleanses. If you've never done a cleanse before, this is a safe level to start at.

Calories: High  •  Veggies: Low  •  Fruit: Medium
from 50.00
Cleanse Length:
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Intermediate Cleanse

Our most popular and balanced cleanse. This is great for those committed to a clean lifestyle, but not quite ready to go all the way. By adding a green juice, the cleanse intensity increases, but so will your energy. You'll get a rainbow of colors and a variety of fruit, veggie, and mixed juices.

Calories: Medium  •  Veggies: Medium  •  Fruit: Medium
from 50.00
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Advanced Cleanse

The Advanced Cleanse is perfect for the cleanse master who wants an even deeper detox. This cleanse leaves you with an amazing feeling of health and vibrancy, achieved through a focus on organ detox, metabolic boost, and anti-inflammatory agents.

Calories: Low  •  Veggies: High  •  Fruit: Low
from 50.00
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many days should I cleanse for?

1 Day: A casual way to try the cleanse experience without jumping feet first into the unknown. It'll get your body acclimated to juices, lots more water, and an explosion of raw nutrients.

3 Day: The most popular way to cleanse. You will experience the reason why people rave about cleansing. This is the shortest cleanse that can rescue you from an unhealthy routine. You'll feel lighter and less bloated after our 3 Day Cleanse. Beginners should not stray past this cleanse duration until completing at least one prior 3 Day Cleanse.

5 Day: Expert territory. You're doing this because you already know our cleanse makes you feel incredible. You'll feel more energetic, more mobile, and start to think clearer after our 5 Day Cleanse. 

7 Day: For our juice junkies. You juice for personal reasons, whether it's medical, dietary, or something else critical to your health. You've cleansed before and truly believe in the healing power of raw fruit and veggie juice. 


How much weight will I lose during a cleanse?

Weight loss isn't the goal of a cleanse. However, most people will lose weight during a cleanse, depending on how healthy your pre-cleanse diet had been. Some people who are transitioning from a highly processed and low nutrient diet may lose a few pounds a day, while those who already eat plenty of nutrient-rich foods may not lose any weight. The true focus of a cleanse is to reboot your body into wanting healthier foods while increasing energy and vitality.


How will I feel while cleansing?

How you feel totally depends on your pre-cleanse level of nutrition and lifestyle. While some people feel alert and energized from their cleanse, others feel more lethargic than usual.  You may find it easier to stay busy, or prefer to take this time to rest.  Listen to your body. Drinking your body weight in ounces of water daily will help to flush out toxins, keep you hydrated and minimize withdrawal symptoms. 


Is it ok to cleanse while I'm pregnant?

Please consult your physician before embarking on any drastic lifestyle or diet changes.

 Where do you deliver?
We are delivering everywhere in the blue! If you're on the edges, please email us and we'll make it happen for you. We are working to expand the delivery area, so stay tuned for even more coverage soon.


How does juice delivery work?
Our juices are shipped with ice packs in eco-friendly insulated boxes to ensure your juices will stay cold until midnight of your delivery day. That way, you're not stuck waiting for your juices to arrive! and yes, you'll be sent emails with tracking info!

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