Juice Subscription to Look and Feel Your Best

Taste the quality. Feel the nutrition. Witness your transformation.

juice subscription to look and feel your best

How the Juice Box Works

1. Pick Your Juice

Choose a curated Box or
mix & match your own.

2. Choose How Often

Control your pace with weekly, biweekly, and 4w delivery options.

3. Free Home Delivery

Your juice is insulated, ice-packed, and delivered first class to your home.

Curated Juice Boxes to Fit Your Lifestyle


Sample Box

A variety pack of our most popular juices. It runs the rainbow from sweeter to greener, from fruit to uber veggie.

Detox Box
anti inflammation juice box
Greens Box
Pick Your Own Box


We send your Juice Box first-class, protected by eco-friendly insulation & reusable ice packs.



No prep. No work. No cleanup.
A perfect fit for your busy schedule, so you can enjoy life's more important things.

healthy made easy


Healthy cells function better, boosting your energy and stamina. It might even put a smile on your face.

be strong and energized


You're not just feeding your body. You're helping sustain local family-run farms who provide us their freshest ingredients.

support local




Thanksgiving prep is in full swing - green juice and cozy sweaters on standby. - @publyssity

With summer just around the corner, why not grab a drink that's good and good for you? - @prettygoodmoments

I'm always on the go so sometimes I don't get enough fruits & veggies in my life. That's why I'm SO thankful for @senzujuicery for making me maintain a healthy lifestyle.. - @thepassportpacker



What is the Senzu Juice Box?

It's simple. You pick a box of freshly made cold-pressed juice and pick how often you want it. We'll keep sending you a Juice Box regularly for $49. 

Where do you deliver?

We are delivering everywhere in the blue! If you're on the edges, please email us and we'll make it happen for you. We are working to expand the delivery area, so stay tuned for even more coverage soon!


When do you deliver?

Our subscription deliveries are on Fridays. If you order by Wed, you will receive your juice that Friday. Otherwise, you will receive your juice the following Friday.

If you ever need to schedule a different day, just email us at support@senzujuicery.com and we'll make it happen.

How does delivery work?
Juice Boxes are shipped with ice packs in eco-friendly insulated boxes to ensure your juices will stay cold until midnight of your delivery day. That way, you're not stuck waiting for your juice to arrive! and yes, you'll be sent emails with tracking info!

How big are the juices?
Juice Box juices include nine (9) of our 10 ounce bottles.

How long are the juices good for?
Our juices are good for at least 2 weeks from when you receive them.

Can I adjust my plan later on?
Absolutely! You can upgrade, downgrade, or pause your plan at any time from your account. Or you can reply to any email and our support team will make the updates and send you a confirmation.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes! If you choose to cancel, you can just cancel from your account. Or you can always email support@senzujuicery.com. Seriously, we probably made it too easy to cancel.

What if I want more juice per week?
No problem! Please contact us at support@senzujuicery.com and we can put together a subscription that best fits your needs.