8 Super-Healthy Juices that Have Been Shown to Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s and Other Serious Diseases by Up to 76%

“In a large epidemiological study, researchers found that people who drank three or more servings of fruit and vegetable juices per week had a 76 percent lower risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease than those who drank juice less than once per week.” 
  -- Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Did you know, HALF the adults in the US have heart disease, cancer, or other preventable and costly health condition?

That's right, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) classifies these chronic diseases as preventable.

But how do you prevent something like heart disease?

It's actually really simple, but guess what? Half of you aren't doing them.

Has anyone ever told you that you needed to watch your.. DIET and EXERCISE?

Sure, you knew these things. But like 100-million other Americans, life just gets in the way. You're busy going to work, taking care of your family, planning your next getaway.. basically living life.

Only when you check in with your doctor, do you get the terrible news. "You need to lose weight. Go exercise more. Eat less salt. Eat more veggies. Blah. Blah. Blah."

That's not fun. None of that sounds fun.

Even worse, your doctor may have mentioned you're "at-risk" for some scary sounding diseases.

Now you owe it to yourself to at least try SOMETHING before your doctor starts prescribing those expensive pills your other friends are taking.

So that brings me back to that word again, preventable.

What if I told you there's a new food technique that not only helps prevent disease, but has successfully REVERSED disease in many cases?

You've probably heard about it before. It's called, juicing.

The idea is simple, you turn pounds of fruits and veggies – your entire day's worth – into a big cup of juice to drink.

In fact, the American Heart Association recommends adding 100% fruit or vegetable juice to your breakfast as a way to prevent heart disease.

The best part is, you can do it all from the comforts of your home.

Even better, I'll show you how, in the easiest, least expensive way possible.

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