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Discover the Senzu Secret

Discover the Senzu Secret

Are you Feeling It?

Shed Unhealthy Cravings

Whether you've just traveled, about to travel, been busy, overworked, or just plain lazy.. our juice cleanse will help you shake those munchies. Quit feeling guilty, this is your diet do-over.

Boost Mental Clarity

Your brain is 77% water. Our juices help you hydrate to clarity and boost your brain power with magnesium, folate, and essential B-vitamins. Think clearer, focus easier, and accomplish more.

Feel New Energy

Ditch Sluggish. With 15 pounds of fresh produce coarsing through you each day, get ready for a fresh you. We’re talking about waking up refreshed and ready to conquer your day, the entire day.

7 Reasons Why Everyone Keeps Drinking Senzu Juices


1: Best Produce in, Best Juice Out

which means.. Juice You'll Love

We sell at 13 farmers markets a week. We know quality produce. The best produce makes the tastiest and most nutritious juice. Get farm to bottle quality juice at an affordable price.

2: 100% Cold is 100% Better

which means.. Better Results for You

Cold juice means longer shelf life, better taste, and more retained nutrition. Our produce arrives cold. We juice cold (38F cold!). We bottle cold. We sell cold. More importantly, our 100% cold chain drastically inhibits pathogen growth.

Highest Safety Standards

which means.. You Can Trust Our Juice

Your juice safety is our top priority. Our juice facility is certified SQF Level 2, which means we set the bar high for quality, sanitation, and food safety. Our facility is GFSI, PCQI Compliant, FDA registered, and USDA Certified.

100% Pure Juice

which means.. Pure Results for You

100% Cold Pressed Juice. We're the juice you'd make at home for you and your family. We don't cut corners. We don't hide water in our juices. We don't sneak sugar or flavorings. Expect pure goodness.

Double Satisfaction Guarantee

which means.. Your Happiness is #1

We care most about your health. We make the best quality juice for you. We show you the easiest and most effective way to cleanse. We know you'll love our juice and love your results. On the rare case you don't, we'll refund 100% of your purchase. That's a promise.

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