Bug Buster Juice Box

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Product Info

What is it?

Sick? Feeling run down from stress and long work hours? The Bug Buster Juice Box will kick your body into a higher gear and get you back to smiling. With this vitamin-rich box featuring Vitamin C superstars like grapefruit, orange, and pineapple, this Box is filled with our fan favorites on a mission to keep you going on life's adventures.

The Immunity juice tops off your immune system, to fight the good fight. Clear your sinuses and calm that achy throat with Tummy Rub ginger shots. Beat the achy feeling with inflammation fighting Turm Me Up. When you're feeling tired, Energy boosts you with a quick pick-me-up.

3x Immunity
2x Turm Me Up
2x Energy
6x Tummy Rub Wellness Shots

How Does it Work?


Drink a Tummy Rub shot in the morning before eating anything. You can top off again in the afternoon if needed. It is better to front load the juice if you are sick, so that you can flood your system with nutrients and start your recovery right away.
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