Cleanse this cleanse that.

So many different version of the cleansing diet exists.

But which one works?

Let's check out the principles of cleansing and you'll see why certain juices work way better for a cleansing diet than others.


What Does a Cleanse Really Do?

The goal of a cleanse is to put your body in healthy mode. That means ditching those terrible food munchies and welcoming those cravings for real fruits and veggies.

In the process of a cleanse, you'll help your body expel toxins and give your digestive system a break.

We'll share which fruits and veggies best help your body detox in just a bit.

Many people notice immediate benefits from a cleanse, such as softer skin, more energy, and happier attitude.

Some even happily report noticeable weight loss in just 3 days.


It's all because your body starts to function optimally once you replace the processed, fried, and unnatural foods with raw fruit and veggies.

Before we get into the foods you need to be juicing, there's one critical component of any cleansing diet.

That key player is water. Water is what makes your body function. Your blood cells need enough water to function. Your organs need water.

Pro tip: when your skin is feeling dry, drink more water. It's your biggest organ and dry skin is a signal for more water.

When you juice cleanse, water is the half the battle. You drink juice, water, juice, water, etc. The juice is what replenishes you, but the water is what helps your body wash away all those toxins.

Don't skimp on the water. If you see a cleanse that doesn’t emphasize water, skip it; it's not the cleansing diet you're looking for.


What You Need in Your Juice Cleanse

The best juices for a cleanse come back to super simple ideas.

You need the juices to work together to round out your daily nutritional intake.

With that in mind, here are the juices you want to see in a juice cleanse:


Healthy Juice 1: Green Juice

The greener the better, but having a choice of greenness is important. That way you can choose the greenest you think you can tolerate.

Look for lower sugar, less than 20g per bottle. You don't want to be drinking green colored sugar water.

Healthy Juice 2: Beet Juice

A beet juice option lets you know the cleanse contains one of the most potent detoxifiers you can eat: beet. Beets may taste really earthy, but that red goodness will help boost your liver and kidney function.

Beets are great for your blood, helping it carry more oxygen. It also helps temper your blood pressure.

Healthy Juice 3: Carrot Juice

While green juices are the best for sustained long term energy, you'd want something with carrots for a quick pick-me-up. Carrot juice is a good early afternoon juice to help get you through the evening.

Carrots are high in beta-carotene, which help vision.

Healthy Juice 4: Protein Juice

You need to have protein in your diet to help metabolize vitamins and minerals and keep your muscles functioning normally.

You don't need a ton, but look for something that contains both fat and protein. It would come as some sort of nut milk or boosted juice.

Healthy Juice 5: Citrus Juice

You're looking for additional Vitamin C. You should get close to your daily amount from your green juice, but a citrus one will top you off and put you over the edge. You want to keep your immune system functioning in tip top shape while your body is healing.

Look for one that is at least 100% Vitamin C and contains either grapefruit or lemon.

Healthy Juice 6: Anti-inflammatory Juice

There are a few fruits good for inflammation, namely pineapple, watermelon, and tomato. Pineapple is really great to include because it contains a compound called bromelain that helps reduce inflammation.

Pineapple is also high in Vitamin C, but it's a sweeter tasting fruit, great for a dessert type juice.


Your Juice All Star Team

With these 6 healthy juice types at your disposal, this is the fruit and veggie team you need.

You'll have the best juices for detoxing, nourishing, immunity, energy, and muscle health.

Just keep in mind, you'll want to keep your green juices lower in sugar, to help offset the higher sugar counts in the fruitier juices.

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